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Flipping Gender On Book Covers

An article about how book covers often relate to one gender or the other. They also give a series of examples for books which they redo the cover to appeal to the opposite sex that was intended.

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Obamacare’s benefit on entrepreneurs

This article is from Wall Street Journal which claimed that Obamacare would allow entrepreneurs to afford health insurance at reasonable rate instead of being held on by other corporates or employer (“job lock” or entrepreneurship lock”. WSJ claimed that Obamacare would let entrepreneurs to start a business and afford healthcare which could increase the number of start up business as high as 33% in several years. This article was interesting since many of the entrepreneurs are struggling with finance by starting their own business and with the affordable healthcare, they could indeed not have to worry about affording health insurance.

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changing broadway

This article is written by Alec Baldwin. He is discussing how Broadway and the theater world in general has changed so vastly since 1992. He attributes these changes largely to the media. I think it is important as business artists to recognize outside factors such as the media that can have an impact on one’s work.

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City council as theater

“City Council Meeting” is a new theater event set for eight performances in three locations in New York City. It is performed not by actors but by members of the audience, and intends to get people to think about participating in local government. The theater is based on transcripts of actual meetings in nine cities around the US.  The free performances are a lot like city council meetings, including the tedious parts, but the producers hope that by putting people in the shoes of the mayor or getting them to participate in the type of debates going on in meetings, that it will spark some interest in actual participation.

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political theater

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Post-Traumatic Design

As an eye to action, designers around the nation are addressing recent violence in schools as a wakeup call to design schools that are both learning and safety-focused. Artists have started to question if design can help address the root causes of  and make schools less vulnerable to tragedy, and if so, how?

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MOMA deciding whether or not to destroy American Folk Art Museum For expansion

The Museum of Modern Art is in the process of deciding whether or not to tear down their neighboring building to create more space for the MOMA. While it is a controversial decisions I think they should as I have visited the MOMA and found it to be an extraordinary display of art

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Can Tattoos Be Fine Art?

This article explains the relationship of tattoos to fine art, transcending the realm of performance art. People today now collect tattoos like they would art, commissioning work from notable artists such as Lucian Freud or Damien Hirst. Can a tattoo designed by Lucian Freud be valued as high as a painting by the same artist? Is the monetary investment of a high-end work on skin as good an investment as a work on paper?

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